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customer's voice

Woman in her thirties

This is a highly recommended snack!

The packaging was clean and I felt the polite work such as the product manual, which I liked very much.
I have two of them at my house, but both of them weigh about 4 kg, and I choose the food that is good for my health first. It was additive-free and reliable.

Woman in her thirties

Nyanko is happy!

Nyanko satisfied! !!
When I show the bag, I run to see if I'm more excited than usual snacks.

I'm glad I bought it!

Woman in her thirties

M.U 様

Women in their 20s

The dog is happy to eat!

Sometimes I couldn't eat dog food, so I was looking for something to eat instead.

When I gave him a tuna snack for the first time, he was happy to eat it!

Thank you very much!

It is safe because it is additive-free and has a perfect calcium score!

Originally I love crispy kisses, so when I had to leave my cat at the hotel for work, I bought it because I wanted to give it at least delicious food.

T.S 様

S.M 様

I.T 様

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